Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrappy Days are here again

I decided that I have too many scraps sitting around and I want to weed out my stash before our annual trip to Lancaster PA this fall to buy more fabric.  So I pulled out some of my scraps and started to work with my GO cutter. I cut 2" strips from the scraps then sewed them together in long strips in a random way. Then I sewed 4 long strips together.  This made a large strip 6 1/2 inches wide.  From these I cut 6 1/2 blocks.
Then I cut  6 1/2 blocks from other scrappy fabric and sewed them together with the sqaures made with the the strips. 

 I then made large 4 patches. After that I simply sashed them with 2 1/2 strips cut on the GO and joining squares made from the 2' square on the value die.  In just two days, I had a 72 x 72 top finished. Click on the picture to see an enlarged version.

In the middle of this, I was rockin and rollin in my sewing chair.....literally.  We clearly felt the earthquake here.  I was sewing along, curtains blowing in the wind, and thought I heard construction vehicles from the house that is being built on the street behind us. Then the suncatcher on the window started jingling and I thought that the wind was really picking up....but then realized that my chair was actually moving on the floor. I could see the room moving....I had the msnbc news station on in the background and heard the breaking news that they were feeling an earthquake.....I figured out that I wasn't nuts!

I won't be sewing too much today.  I have to clean up the mess that I made while sewing....I try to clean after every  project or it gets overwhelming....then I have to run to the grocery store as hurricane Irene is predicted to hit over us here in DE...One of the lines on the projected path runs right over us in Sussex County. 

An added note to those who have been asking about my son who is fighting fires in the Great Dismal Swamp. I talked to him last night ....he is tired but doing well.  They felt the earthquake too. The team from DE is heading home tomorrow.  Officials feel that the rains from the hurrican will really help keep the fire in check.

Happy Quilting


Pat said...

Your scrappy quilt top looks terrific!!! I'm glad your son is heading home tomorrow so he can be back with his family during the hurricane weekend.

QuiltSue said...

I hope the earthquake didn't do too much damage and that Irene has missed you altogether.