Monday, August 22, 2011

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Hello my online quilting friends.

A serious note first ---

My son, Matt, is now fighting fires at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Preserve on the VA/NC border. The fire is only about 15% contained.....please ...prayers and thoughts for all the firefighters.

Over the last few weeks I have taken a breather from blogging but I have been busy doing quilty things. On August 8th, my quilting buddy. Pat, and I taught a class at Serendipity Quilt shop during which the quilters had a chance to make a fall wallhanging using the GO cutter. We had a great time with the ladies and we have a great time at the shop. Kathy is selling our patterns there for the fall wallhanging and a red/white/ and blue hanging we made for the GO demo we did when the new shop opened. 

Pat and I also worked on practice blocks for the Block of the Month Quilt we are doing for Serendipity. These blocks in the picture are samples made from scrappy fabric.  The actual quilt has different colors, more blocks, and a special border. The whole quilt was made using only dies with the GO cutter. The final result  is finished and is at Jackie's, the woman who does  much of my long arm work. I will post a picture after we get it back and iet is ready to show

In the meantime, I thought I would share pictures of what has been happening in my sewing/guest room. We removed the old carpet and hubby put down a new tile floor. I just love it. It is so much easier to keep clean than the berber carpet that was there.

He also built me some new cubbies to store fabric. I have a big walkin closet but that was getting mighty crowded. Now I can bring fabric out into the light and store batting and other supplies in the closet. Note that he made it a good size so that my GO cutter fits nicely on top. The cubbies are actually about 8 feet long. I like that I can store my quilting books in the cubbies and not in mix matched book shelves that I had previously

I also have a nice place for my machine.

Normally, I have risers underneath the table to make it comfortable for cutting.Before my new cubbies were made, I had so much junk under and on top of the table, I barely had room to cut. Now I can turn the table around when I want to use it to hold quilts while I am machine quilting and even fold and store it when we have company since this room is also our guest room.

Since my last post, I spent a lot of time with family. My son, his wife, and son came to spend a few days. While they were here, hubby's sister and her family came for an evening as they were renting a beach house nearby. Then my brother and wife from PA came to visit for a few days.....wonderful times!!

And now Shrek
A young friend of ours, Lukas Poost, is rehearsing now for the lead role in  the national tour of the Broadway show Shrek.We have know him since his high school days and watched him grow as an actor. Be sure to click on his name to read his blog about his experiences.

Also if you check out the tour of Spamalot you will see another one of our young friends, Kassidy Devlin. We also know him from our community theater days in Towanda, PA.

We are really proud of these young actors. If you happen to see either of the shows on tour, be sure to let me know.

Well, it's getting late and I have much to do.

Happy Quilting


Jackie said...

Having a skilled woodworker for a husband is a bonus! Love the shelves he made you and your new tile floor looks fantastic! It looks like the perfect sewing space!

I hope you and Pat share your BOM project as it comes out. What you've shown right now looks fun.

Needled Mom said...

The firefighters have my prayers and my admiration!

I love the look of the cubbies in the sewing room. You will love them as well as that new floor.

Looks like you and Pat have been having some fun sewing/teaching time together.

Pokey said...

Prayers for safety for your son, and others ~
The shelves look so nice, I'm getting antsy to get my room done! We have tile and laminate floors, and I agree, it's much easier to keep clean.

Nancy said...

Your block-a-month project is looking good. Since you got your GO, you've gone.. into it! It has really changed your quilt life in an interesting way... nice! Teaching it must be fun. And the sewing room... WOW. All that space. All the best to your son and the other firefighters.. hope they make quick progress with containing the fire.