Tuesday, July 28, 2009

State Fair

Yesterday we went to the DE State Fair ...great time. We went to see the quilts and I was pleasanlty surprised to see that two of my guild members won ribbons...multiple ones...Congrats to Marion and Lucy!!

I also was surprised when we went into the first pavilion that we encountered, looked for a seat, and lo and behold...right behind us was my good friend PAT and her hubby. (PAT has some great photos of the quilt exhibit so I will send you to her blog.)Later on, we saw Jackie and her husband. Jackie does long arm quilting for me!

It started to sprinkle rain so hubby and I ducked into the casino for lunch. Great buffet...hubby played a whole dollar at the slots and came out ahead....

all in all....a great day


Linda B said...

That was pretty funny to see the same picture in both of your blogs. Wish I could meet you at the Fair!!

Pat said...

Hubby and I were the big losers at the casino...played $3 between us and lost every penny of it. :(

I'm glad we went as it wasn't too crowded and we could see things more easily than when we have gone in the evening in years past.

Anonymous said...