Monday, July 27, 2009

not much quilting goin, on

Over the weekend my son and grandson came and we went to the beach and the boardwalk for fun....
I am making some headway with the piles of yoyos that are turning into a coverlet. 90 squares that are about 9"by9" each (Each square has 25 yoyos)....about 10 more yoyos to go....and then there will still be plenty of yoyos left!
Today we are off to the DE State's Senior Citizens' advantage of the aging process....can get into the fair for free.


Susan said...

That's a lot of yo-yos! It's going to be beautiful once it's done! Have fun at the fair!

Pat said...

What fun to run into you and B at the fair!!!! (And to think I nearly chose to wear the same shirt YOU wore......even MORE fun!!!) The yo-yo's are looking very good. I have seen how many you have and am sure you will have lots left even after this quilt has been made.