Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back from vacation

I'm back from vacation and the quilt was so overwhelming...over 1000 quilts on display! I can't tell which was my favorite. They had a great display of red and white quilts...It is amazing what quilters can do with just two colors. My sister in law, who is not a quilter, went with me. She was quite impressed.

On the way to Columbus we stopped in Grantsville, MD. There isn't much in the town but the inn was nice...good food...and the artists' village was interesting. The highlight of the visit there was the quilt shop. I bought some fabulous fabric there. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet.

In Columbus we spent some time with my brother and his family then my other brother and his wife joined us for the weekend. Such fun. That's my brother in his home theater with Bogey and me with my little brothers!
On Tuesday, the quilt shop I visit on a regular basis, Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro, DE had a first anniversary party. There I spent the rest of my vacation money on fabric!
So back to reality now.


Eileen said...

Wish I would have realized you were going. I would have loved to meet you.

Pat said...

Nice photo of you with your brothers!

Needled Mom said...

Welcome home. I can imagine how impressed a non quilter would be.