Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rainy morning then four days later!

Wow, have I been busy lately. I have been working some extra hours since a couple of ladies at the store have been on vacation...then watching all the election returns...and of course doing some quilting. I worked on a Christmas table topper and a fun crazy quilt design topper out of all of my scraps of Christmas fabric. It was great fun. I actually resorted to picking up pieces of fabric from the floor because I was bound and determined not to cut into any new pieces of fabric. I had to run to the quilt shop yesterday to buy more batting so the pieces will soon be ready.

I figured I'd give you a preview and show you how messy the area was when I was doing the crazy quilt. It was actually relaxing to let it all out and not worry about making a mess. Usually, I am more anal about keeping the tables neat! These pics were actually taken AFTER I started to clean up the area.

Talk about being busy....I am actually finishing this post four days after I started it. Thursday night my son and grandson stayed all night. My son had to work security at Return Day in Georgetown, DE. (It's always the second day after elections...historically it has an interesting story. It old days, when all voting took place at the county seat and votes would be counted by hand, voters would return two days later to hear the results. Both the winners and losers rode together in carriages in a parade..the winner facing forward, loser facing back.) Anyway, this year Joe Biden returned as he was also on the ballot for senator and he won that election, too and he has never missed a Return Day since he took public office. Thus the extra security. My daughter-in-law sells jewelry and had a show Thursday evening so they needed a babysitter. My son came here from Georgetown since we are closer than him going home and he had been in Georgetown since 5 AM. Here is a picture of my son and grandson having morning "coffee" Friday morning. It was a great treat to have them and that they could stay a little while as my son didn't need to go to work until evening.
Saturday, I picked up my blue and white quilt at the quilters...she did a fantastic job! I also worked on some small pieces. But the exciting piece was that my cottage blocks came! They are so great. I can't wait to start putting them together. I haven't decided exactly how to do it yet. They are all so special, I want to make sure the setting does them justice.
Sunday my husband and I went out and bought bikes. Yes, at sixty, I own my first new bike. I had one when I was a little kid, but it was one that was given to me by neighbors whose daughter was older than I was. I hadn't ridden a bike for about 15 years. We went for a ride around our neighborhood. I was a little shaky, but it was fun.
So, today it is back to a little surfing the net, do a little quilting, go to work.


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I received my cottage blocks too. Your block is so wonderful. I love the appliqued snow and snowman. What a wonderful touch. Thanks again.
Teresa Alber

quilterpolly said...

I love the picture of your grandson drinking coffee with dad. When we were little it was a treat to drink coffee with the adults:) Can't wait to see how your little scrappy Christmas runner turns out and what about the quilt that you picked up? It will be fun seeing how everyone does their cottages:)

Eileen said...

ha-ha.. yes.. I have often started a post and not finished it for a couple of days. then I have to change the date on the posting so I don't confuse everyone! :-)

Your sewing table looks just like home. And I love your yellow doors. :-)