Thursday, November 13, 2008

Enjoying Fall

Tuesday was such a lovely, sunny day here. We decided to go for a walk along Breakfront Trail at Cape Henlopen State Park. There were a lot of people walking and biking. I wish I had taken my camera! We walked about 4 miles. The trail takes one through the woods and salt marshes. We saw a deer running through the forest. It was a buck with a small rack. It's interesting that here the deer are more gray than the reddish brown in PA. Several other people we met told us they saw a fox in one of the fields but we didn't see it. Be sure to check out the link to learn about the park.

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Anonymous said...

Hi it's my 1st time visiting you. I love the way you have all your fabric sorted out in the cupboard. I still haven't sorted mine out yet.

Your walk sounded so lovely.