Monday, May 12, 2008

Rain and Wind!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a wonderful time with children and grandchildren but now I am ready to spend some time on myself. I had hoped to take a picture of my garden to show the growth over the last month but we are in the middle of a coastal rain storm. During the night, the wind blew porch furniture around and the insulation from under our sunroom all over our yard and our neighbors'. We had taken the lattice off underneath the sunroom to do some work on the deck and I guess the wind was able to swirl around and catch hold of the insulation. Oh well, I guess it's a good day for inside work and quilting! The wind and rain is to continue through tomorrow.

I did have a chance to go to our quilt guild new member tea this morning. I braved the wind and didn't have any problems getting there except that there was a tree across the road on the way. Some areas are experiencing coastal flooding and schools have dismissed but we are in an area that is a little farther away from the water. The only flooding we have is a great big puddle in the middle of the front yard. Rain doesn't really bother me and I sure like it better than the snow storms we had in the mountains of PA. Since I actually joined the guild within the last year, I was invited to attend the tea. It was a lovely experience to get to know more members outside of the large monthly meetings.

Today I am actually going to start my Wizard of Oz quilt. It will be an original design and be more like a sampler with different blocks that are of different sizes. Since I am a design as you go person, this will be fun!

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Rachael said...

We had some major wind and rain here too! Luckily, nothing got ripped off, I think the last storm took care of that!

Can't wait to see the quilt!