Friday, May 16, 2008

I need a wizard!!

I've been working on the wizard quilt the last couple of days. I originally planned to use only fabric from the wizard line but I thought it was making the quilt too dark - even the pink in the line didn't help so I decided to add some white (I always keep yards of white on hand!). The white is helping. Since the quilt will be a sampler type quilt I have been trying different blocks related to the wizard theme. So far I have Friendship Star, Homeward Bound, and Heart blocks. The other blocks done so far have fussy cut panels from the fabric. The quilt is taking a longer time than usual because all of the blocks are different and I have to modify some patterns to make the blocks similar in size and I design as I go.

I took a break today from sewing and taught in a third grade. I didn't think the schools would need so much subbing so late in the year ---school is out around here on June 9. The sub coordinator called last night and booked me for seven days. I could have done more but wanted some time for myself. It is nice to get out and work with the children, see what they are doing, read them some stories, and the like. It was a good day!

I need to work on my writing this weekend. My assignment for my writing group is due and I need to get it emailed to the others in the group by Monday. It is good to have deadlines...keeps me focused and energized.

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