Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Garden

The last two days have been great for working outside. I took the opportunity to work on my front flower garden. The tulips have been blooming and I am so pleased with their vibrant colors. They are all ones that I planted last fall. Some of the other plants from last summer are also peeking through and I added some new ones to fill in some spaces. I especially like the lily that is in bloom. The garden is now freshly mulched. I need to find some nice plant markers. Last fall I marked the plants and bulbs with plastic markers but the writing wore off over the winter. Thank goodness I kept the brochures that came with the bulbs so I can identify them this year.

A nice thing about retirement is that I actually have time to work with my flowers. At our old house, I had several big gardens but got frustrated that I didn't have time to tend them. There is just something about a flower garden that makes me feel good - it may be the colors or just the experience of seeing something grow. I planned this garden so I can sit on the front porch with a cup of tea and enjoy it. It is a little too early for the annuals in the pots on the porch - I can't wait for them!


Sandy said...

Beautiful flowers! You keep it very well groomed. My garden needs your help! :o)

Rachael said...

It's so nice to have spring weather!! The end of the week is going to be even better!

The flowers look so pretty!! I can't wait to get out and start getting ready for planting!!