Friday, April 18, 2008

Basket quilt

Last night I finished the binding on one of the quilts I picked up at the quilter last week. I was very happy how the quilt turned out...even the binding. Sometimes I struggle to get the binding to look right, especially around the corners, but all seemed to fall into place this time!

I also convince hubby to put up a rod so I could hang the quilt in the den. The colors were just right and it seemed to go with the antiques I have in the room. Anyway, here is a picture.


Pat (Riker) said...

VERY nice. I think I am one of the few who actually enjoys doing bindings and managed to have it "click" how to do the corners AND the beginning/ending parts nicely! Call me crazy.......LOL

JoAnne said...

Hey there, I found you! I'm kind of new to blogging and didn't know I could click on your name in the comment you sent me and it would take me right to your blog. I love your basket quilt and the pics of flowers in bloom now. I have a brown thumb so I just enjoy my neighbor's flowers. You really seem to be having a great time in your retirement.