Monday, April 7, 2008

Quilting Workshop

Today I went to the quilt guild workshop on making the Lonestar pattern. It was actually quite easy. I made mine with Christmas fabric...trying to get ahead of the season using fabric I bought for Christmas quilting over three years ago. The only thing I would do differently with this one is arrange my colors in a different way. It was a little hard to picture how it would turn out until after I got started. Next time, I'll do better.

The teacher was Linda Hahn from NJ. She is a fantastic teacher. Great ideas, no pressure. I really liked her idea of using "busy" fabric on the back of quilts and having some "signature" backing fabrics that tell a little story about you or the person you are giving the quilt to. For instance, she sometimes uses frog prints and tells her husband that she is still waiting for her frog (him) to turn into a prince. I think what she really was saying was have fun with your quilting!!!

I did get a call that the two quilts I have out being quilted are done. I'll pick them up tomorrow. I finished the quilt that I was working on so I'll drop that one off when I pick the other ones up.

Since my resolution was to not start a new quilt until I finished one and I knew I was going to go to the workshop today, Sunday afternoon I was in a quandry...what could I do? Instead of working on my UFOs like I should have, I decided to cut strips for a Log Cabin scrappy quilt I want to make. I figured that wasn't cheating since all I was doing was cleaning up my scrap box...right? The result is that I have almost enough pieces cut for the dark portion of the blocks. That will make the cutting quicker when I decide to actually do the quilt.

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Pat (Riker) said...

I thought the workshop was fun, too. I came home and fixed my section that was going out of whack on me and then put my first quadrant together....also got a good start on the second quadrant. I figured I'd better do that while it's still fresh in my mind. I'd have arranged MY colors differently, too, now that I see how it's looking with some of the background in place. However, I'm sure to anyone else, it will look just fine! I'll be in touch soon about the cutting table, etc.