Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well, my daughters-in-law posted pictures of new appliances and house up-dates. I could probably post pictures of the check to the IRS I need to write! UGH. Tax time is so stressing. Tighten the belt a little over the next month or so....does that mean I have to limit my fabric purchases?

This past week has been busy. They did come on Thursday and Friday to install our Murphy bed. They need to come back to install the countertop on the desk that I had installed. For now, I am not able to use the desk top so the room is still a little messy. It is amazing though how much space is available now that the big sofa bed is out of the den. More space to spread out.

Last week we had a day when the temperature was 70...and I couldn't resist working outside. I put in a bunch of new plants among the tulips and lilies I planted last fall. The garden is starting to really be colorful. One thing nice about the soil around here...it isn't hard to dig. No rocks! Of course it is sandy and I need to add to it but it is so much easier to work than the rocky soil I was used to in NE Pennsylvania. The garden is right off the front porch so I can sit and enjoy the flowers.

I got the top almost done on the quilt I started a week ago Saturday. Right now I am going back to double check all the corners to make sure they meet...I am very particular an often rip out seams three or four times...I see the little blemishes that others might not notice. As soon as I finish checking, I will put on the border. Hopefully, it won't take long.

My next project will be to do the cutting for the Lonestar quilt class that the guild is giving next week.

This week will be nice. My son is staying with us while he attends a conference in Ocean City - he said he'd rather stay with us than in a hotel. It gives us a little time in the evenings to relax and chat.

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