Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yellow brick road

I finally got some Wizard of Oz fabric....now I have to decide on a pattern. Will probably design my own so that the fabric can be featured. Can't wait to start but have to finish the project that I am on now...that is one of my resolutions...finish one project before starting another!!!! The one I am working on now is coming together well. The blocks are almost all made. The cutting directions were for a twin sized but I am going to change it into a full/queen sized. It will be easy, I'll just have to cut and sew 10 more blocks. Since I always get extra fabric, I will have enough I am sure. I hope to have it done this week but since they are coming Thursday to install the Murphy bed and the weather is supposed to be nice this week and I want to work outside, I may not be all done. We bought a rosebush at Lowe's today that we want to put in a flowerbed we started in the backyard....it is a beautiful dark red tea rose that is supposed to have 4.5 - 5 inch blooms.

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Pat (Riker) said...

WHAT???? You mean to tell me you are not going to breed anymore UFO's????? We have a few in the guild who are in that "club".....the finish-one-thing-before-you-start-another-club. Do you want me to introduce you and those few of you....VERY few, might add...can start a group of your own?? LOL