Monday, March 17, 2008

Creative Weekend

I just spent the weekend with about 200 writers from all genres at the Writers at the Beach Annual Conference. The conference benefits mitrochondrial disease should check out the website...just type in "Writers at the Beach" on your search engine. My head is still spinning from all the inspiration.... I ate dinner next to Carolyn Parkhurst, the author of Lost and Found. If you watch reality shows, you may like this book! Her characters are interesting. I aslo met Jacquelyn Minchard, the first author whose book was chosen for an Oprah's Book Club selection...she is as charming as she is talented. I'm reading her latest one now. What made the weekend special was that four friends from PA spent the weekend at our house so they could go to the conference...72 hours of creativity!!!

To top it off, Friday a big package of fabric that I ordered came by FEDEX....I put in an order because I was having trouble getting the new Wizard of Oz fabric locally...but it was backordered anyway. The local quilt shop is small and does have lovely fabric but their selection of solid colors is limited, thus the on-line ordering.

I can't wait to get busy on a new project!

At our next guild meeting we are going to have instruction on the Lonestar pattern. I had been hesitant to try it because of the biases....I am going to take the quilts that I posted here for show and tell....I like that part of the meeting because I get so inspired by the beautiful work some of the members bring to show.

Also, this weekend was special because the first daffodils in my garden bloomed!!! Spring is really coming.


Pat (Riker) said...

Ahhhh....the writer's conference. At the back of my head for YEARS, has been the desire to try writing, but I have no clue where to start. This idea was planted in my head by my college English prof who said I should be a writer and encouraged me to give it serious thought. I'm STILL thinking....MANY years later! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend and wish you the best with your writing.

Enjoying your blog and hope to see you soon (for sure at quilt guild, if not sooner). OH...this way to do the Lonestar that we'll learn in April uses a product on which you place your rectangles and then just sew on the lines they have there...eliminates all the worry about bias. It's'll enjoy it and I'm taking that class, too. I saw it demonstrated at the quilt show in VA last month.

Pat in Lakeside (My registered name on here uses my maiden name and I don't know how to change I'm hoping you'll know it's ME!!!)

Rachael said...

Oooh, Wizard of Oz fabric?? I know a little girl who will just be in love with that!!