Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Question about pressing

I just read an article about the pros and cons of pressing seams open rather than pressing to one side. Some of the pros included eliminating bulk and ease of pressing. The article said that pressing to one side is a remnant of hand piecing which needed the pressing to one side to help with the integrity of the seam and keep stitches and the spaces between from being so visible. Made me think

What do others think? Does anyone press open?
I'll be anxious to hear.


CONNIE W said...

When taking quilt classes my teacher said most of the time pressing to one side is the preferred method, which she said puts less stress on the seam. However, there are times when pressing seams open is preferred to reduce the bulk if it's heavier than usual.

country mouse said...

I've read the same thing about reducing bulk. I know I've done blocks where the center would be REALLY bulky if the seam were pressed to one side. I know I've also read that sometimes pressing a seam open is discouraged especially if you will be doing 'in the ditch' quilting because there will be spots where you may be quilting only over stitches and not on fabric. Me? I usually press to one side unless a seam is going to be unreasonably bulky.

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