Saturday, January 12, 2008

saturday morning to myself

A beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is shining and I am feeling creative. Bill (my husband) is in a community theater production coming up soon and went to the theater this morning so I am by myself). One thing I had to get used to when we retired was having a husband around all the time! Not that I don't love him but sometimes I like some alone time!

I picked up a great little quilting book at the bookstore yesterday...all about quilts with baskets. I found one I would like to make I had fun last night going through my stash of fabric looking for just the right pieces. Found some but will need to go to buy a little more before I get started.

I also visited the decorator fabric store and bought some fabric to make a valance for our bathroom and some foam for the seats of two antique wicker rockers I am going to recover...lots of plans.

I have spent the last two days editing my book....this is the part I don't like! It should be ready to send out by the end of next week.

I also spent some time walking the aisles of the craft only takes me about 3 minutes to get there so I visit often. Right now they are ridding the shelves of the winter things and getting out spring things. I bought a few flower branches to stick in some of my dried arrangements - pussy willow and such...when I was going through the checkout a man remarked that I was rushing sure feels like spring....60s and 70s....

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