Wednesday, January 9, 2008

politics creating change

I couldn't help watching the NH primary returns last night. Talk about creating!!! The race is creating such interest in politics and the Democratic primary is creating a lot of interest in change. Wouldn't it be a change if one of the top runners became president? Of course for an old granny like me, it would be great to see a woman in the white house! My women's libber alter ego would be vindicated. It would be SO RIGHT!!

Maybe I should be careful using the word RIGHT. Isn't it a shame how labels and words are so inflamatory sometimes. I like to listen to talk radio but it is so full of name-calling and biased talking. I hate to call them dialoges or discussions because there really isn't a is actually you listen to what I say but I won't listen to what you say...

What could the election create?

Does this sound like I am getting away from crafting? Probably, but I think it is all related to me and my desire to create things.

The second part of my blog name says write. In addition to making quilts I have been doing some writing. I mentioned in my last blog that I joined a writer's guild. Before I retired, I had a contract to write a book for secondary teachers about literacy and science. I am finishing that up this month. Actually, the final copy goes to the publisher at the end of this month. I am really interested now in more creative writing.

I have been playing around with some fiction but that is just in the beginners stage. This month I want to work on character development. I am planning on attending a guild workshop about this later on this month.

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