Monday, December 20, 2010

bee-utiful ladies

Today the Seaside Quilters bee had our Christmas luncheon...Here are the ladies I quilt with each month. Left to right,  Carole...the organizer (she keeps us organized and does our calendar), Bette...the chuckler (she has such a great laugh and was our hostess today), Rachael...the story teller (she always has so many funny stories to tell), Pat...the tipster (she gives us so many quilting tips)...and sitting, Jeanne...the artist (not only is she a great quilter, she excels in painting, doll-making, and just about any craft you can think of).  I was so blessed when they invited me to join their bee. It has been a continuous group for about 12 years. Pat and I are the only newbies..the other ladies are original members.


sewmeow said...

Aren't close bee friends the bestest?


Pat said...

This is a really nice photo....I'm glad you have such a nice group!

Rhonda said...

What a great photo and looks like there was plenty of fun and laughter!!!