Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday I blogged about children's books about quilting and I was happy to hear from fellow quilters about their favorites. I think I might have to go book shopping!
Today I am going to share information about books I have for you can see, I have quite a few of them.  These shelves hold some but others are scattered around the house, anywhere I might like to sit and read.

I enjoy quilting and the history of quilting thus I am showing two of my books that are full of information.

This next one is one I like to go through when I am trying to figure out what blocks I would like to make in a new quilt.

Of course, I have scads of pattern books. My latest is the new Eleanor Burns book about barn quilts. It is more than a pattern book. It also tells the stories of barn quilts found around the country.

What is your favorite quilt book?


Janet said...

I have too many for a favorite. I love quilt books too. I have all of Eleanor Burns books. I have alot of Debbie Mumm and Nancy Halverson too. I can spend a whole day looking at my books and never get bored.

call me crazy said...

I noticed the big America's Glorious Quilts on your shelf~ I have that one too! I just unpacked it and had to page thru it. ;-)

Pat said...

Oh..I can't possibly pick a favorite quilting don't ever ask me a question about that again, okay??? LOL

Winona said...

I love Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. I have several of her books. I also have many other quilting books. I never get bored looking at them. Sometimes it takes me days to decide on a quilt to make. (grin) Then I usually end of changing things around. LOL Have a good day. Winona

Janet said...

I'm a bit of a book collector too. I have the first two quilt ones which are great. I think the Kirracoffe is my favourite along with the quilt treasury.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I am a hoarder, I admit it, fabrics, craft supplies, quilt magazines and books. It's hard to pick just one but my mom gave me the 5500 blocks book, and I love that!! But I also love my Around the Block books, (think there's 3, can't find one at the moment). But since getting EQ, I reference them less. But they're great when you're tired of the computer!!