Monday, September 6, 2010

OK...putting the books back


I am certainly going to put books back on the shelf and do more quilting today but I had to finish up by sharing some of the older books that I have.
The one on the left was my aunt's.  It was published in 1935. It has a price written in it...$2.98
The one on the right was my grandmother's. It was published in 1949. The price on the cover is $2.00.
The center one was published in 1956 and was free from Mountain Mist.
I have bunches of quilt magazines and patterns from the 1930s also.
It is fun to look at the old patterns and directions to get inspiration.

Thinking of inspiration...What inspired your last quilt?

Note to followers....four more to go!!  See August 11th post.


Pat said...

My last quilt was a Project Linus quilt inspired by the desire to help an online friend and his wife win a GO cutter in a giveaway contest. They have done charity quilting since I have known them and a GO cutter would make it easier for them to continue to do this. Now a very good online friend has become coordinator of a new Project Linus chapter in NC, so I will be inspired to make more quilts for that group!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I am inspired by what I see other quilters are working on, especially pics I see on blogs! Those books are treasures that's for sure :^)

Linda said...

one things for sure with having a broken wrist and lots of time on my hands is that i can catch up on my blogging friends. i'm trying my best at typing with my left.

Winona said...

I found some leftover blocks from a previous quilt. I then, kept digging and ended up using all leftover scraps and yardage for the whole quilt. I just kept adding what I thought looked right. I just did a post about it on my blog last week. I call it Pink Dreams. Have a good week. Winona

Sand and Sunshine said...

My goodness makes me wish I could get a quilt magazine at those rates!

The last bit of inspiration is my Waltz Quilt, and it was a white fabric print that hauled me in and insisted it could be more than just a border fabric.

SheilaC said...

How special to have those books!! Thank you for sharing them :)

I get inspired by other quilts I see or I try to use the recipient of the quilt for inspiration.

My daughter got a star quilt and my son's is dragons (if I ever get it quilted!heheh)

I do love the modern quilts out there now too.


Charlene S said...

My last quilt was inspired by my favorite "football' team - the Saints also known in my house as the 4th quarter boys.

Staci said...

How much fun! I'll bet you enjoy looking at those vintage books!