Friday, September 3, 2010

His name was EARL

Sorry no picture today....

Unless the weather changes dramatically in the next couple of hours, Earl isn't going to be much of a threat here. ....after we spent yesterday putting all the outside furniture that could be moved into the garage, used a bungee cord to tie down the glider to the deck, made sure all flashlights and radios had new batteries, made sure we had food that didn't need to be cooked, and in general did our emergency preps that are recommended.

It is raining and the trees are blowing. Since we are just a couple of miles from the ocean, we are getting some of the outside edge of the storm. I do feel for those who are (or will be) impacted by the storm. I shouldn't complain, but the preps did keep me from quilting as much as I wanted to .

I have had some fun the last couple of days though....spent some time with my quilting buddy, Pat. It is so much fun to shop in a buddy's stash. I was looking for a few small pieces of fabric that would be just the right color for a little project I am making and she had fat quarters that just fit the bill!

Since my last post, Hubby and I went to the casino near our house...we are not very big spenders and have an "allowance" for each month. Yesterday was the first time for this month and I doubled my money.  So the winnings go in my cash stash for buying more fabric when I go to Lancaster, PA later this month....have to have one vice, right?

Must get busy....Happy quilting.


Needled Mom said...

Glad that things haven't been as bad as predicted with Earl. Hope it stays that way.

Grethe said...
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Grethe said...

Good girl not taking another chance with what you won!!!
We are going into Autumn as well up here closer to the North Pole, but to day the sun has been nice and warm.
Happy Quilting to you :-)

Micki said...

Glad that the hurricane was not as bad as predicted.

Winona said...

Glad Earl wasn't as bad as predicted. You will make up for the lost sewing time. Winona

Linda B said...

We were leaving Washington DC the year Hugo came, and they actually put us on an earlier flight to get us out of there. Then he never came that far north. It sure relieved our minds, though.
Oh, I have a weakness for slots. And when I win, watch out quilt stores, here I come.