Friday, August 13, 2010

lucky 13th

#186 - Today was a lucky day. The mail brought a box from Tonya filled with lovely decorator fabric. The picture doesn't show the colors very well but they are beautiful ...and some of them coordinate so well and will go with some decorating schemes I have in mind. I have a couple of ideas about what to make with the fabric. I will have to ponder and make my decision. The pieces are large enough for several types of projects. Sometimes fabric that someone else picked out spurs one's creativity and encourages different kinds of thinking. Have you ever done something different from your usual things because someone gave you fabric you wouldn't have picked out yourself?

You might have noticed the number at the beginning of this post...that is the count toward my 200th post - see my post from the 11th. While I am talking about that, I do have to make a correction. I said I was going to Lancaster PA's Amish country on the 16th of September for a fabric buying trip. The trip is actually on the 29th. On the 16th, I am going to a quilt show in PA near Philadelphia. Both of the opportunities were made available through my membership in Seaside Applique. The pocket calendar I was using just had quilt trip written in the little block - I should have double checked before posting . The giveaway prize will be bought on one of those trips...whichever is closest to my 200th post.

I am continuing work on my red white and blue will be a long time before that is done and ready to show. Maybe I can show little bits now and then. I have been slightly delayed because hubby is being a dear and putting tile in our sunroom and at times I have to be his gopher... but the sunroom will look great when he is done. I love to sit on the couch in that room and read my quilting magazines while I look out at the flowers and bird feeders that surround our patio.


SheilaC said...

A quilt show AND Lancaster shopping!! Can't wait to hear all about them!

Have fun!


Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful mail day!!!

I hope that you will show a picture of the sunroom when you are finished being the gopher. It sounds like the perfect spot for checking out those great magazines!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

i'm glad you like the fabrics......can't wait to hear or see what you make

Pat said...

I know you have a good eye for fabric use and will make something nice with those decorator fabrics from Tonya.

Annette said...

My luckiest days are when I get a fun package in the mail. Your sunroom wounds wonderful!

Quilting Lab said...

I know what you mean about different fabric you might not pick being inspiring! Have fun with yours!