Tuesday, August 17, 2010

almost done - the room and the quilts


The sunroom is almost finished...just the base molding to put down. Soon I will be back relaxing in it again.

Now for the quilting news....Since my last post, I visited JoAnn fabrics on Sunday and picked up a couple pieces of fabric...not sure what I will do with them, but they just might come in handy someday...you know the fabric stores really need my business in this economy...must circulate that money around!

Monday I went to my bee again....just love those ladies. This time, Carole couldn't be with us because she is in Maine but she called us just to check up on us....she stopped at Keepsake Quilting and told us that the store is just wonderful!

I was thinking about finishing things and the many ways to put bindings on quilts. I am trying to decide what kind to put on some of the ones that I have waiting to be finished. I remembered a time when I was reading a pattern in a magazine and the directions said to make a French fold binding...I was in a panic because I didn't know what that was....then finally found out it was the way I was making bindings all along!  Don't you hate it when directions aren't clear or the writer assumes that you know what is meant? I guess it is all my school teaching days that make me understand how important giving good directions is. I always told  students in my methods classes to assume that the students at the beginning of the year don't know anything and when they do, you will be so relieved and will have saved yourself a lot of trouble!



Pat said...

The sunroom is looking GREAT! I'd love to see that Keepsake Quilting store, too. I have head it is fabulous!!! OH, yes...you are right about directions and the need for them to be clear.

Needled Mom said...

Love the sunroom!

I hear that Keepsake Quilting store is fabulous!!! Someday....

Winona said...

Your sunroom looks so inviting and relaxing. I am sure you will enjoy it. I may hit JoAnn's this Friday. Haven't been for a few weeks. Suffering from withdrawal. LOL Have a good week. Winona

Deb said...

The sunroom is going to be fabulous to work in. So fresh and cheerful. So pleased to hear I am not the only person helping out the fabric shops in this time of resession-lol.

em's scrapbag said...

The sun room looks inviting.
Good for you stimulating the economy. Sure you got some good buys.

Katherine said...

You must be getting excited to have your sunroom finished. It's looking lovely.
I'm with you on feeling peeved when directions are less than clear. My biggest peeve is when diagrams or photos do not match with their written instructions. It makes for confusion and frustration.