Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wonderful day!

What a wonderful day I had today. First, fellow blogger PAT stopped by and gave me my packets for the no sew swap we are doing...12 blocks in green and white. Can't wait to put them together. We chatted together then went off to meet and have lunch with fellow blogger STEPH and her mother who are staying in Ocean City, Maryland . After a great lunch in Bethany Beach, we took her to our favorite quilt shop, Serendiptiy in Dagsboro, DE. I didn't buy any fabric but I did pick up a fine line fabric marker, some fray check, and a sew slip sheet. I am anxious to try the sheet as it is supposed to make meandering much easier. I am just learning to do machine quilting (I have been a hand quilter for many, many years). My biggest problem with the meandering is keeping the stitch sizes even (hmm...sounds like hand quilting!)

I don't have any pictures of our great day but both Pat and Steph had their cameras handy.


Pat said...

We had a GREAT day and I'll have photos on my blog tomorrow morning!!! I'll be anxious to know how that slippery sheet for your machine works. It sounds like it's a good idea!

Julia said...

What a great day you all had..sounds like fun!
I have a slippery sheet and it works well for me..I hope it helps you too.
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

Meeting up with bloggers has always been a fun experience for me. I love getting to make the internet-friendships turn into real-life ones.

Stephanie said...

Loved meeting you and Pat and had a great time! I was tickled for you to show me a new shop, one that I will visit again and again. I too want to find about the slippery sheet you bought to see if I need one! Thanks for all the fun!

Suzanne said...

So nice to meet both you and Pat. Amazing how a similar interest in quilting can connect us together so effortlessly.

Keep us posted as to how your slippery sheet works. Moving a bulky quilt is tough.

I was sewing vinyl, didn't have a teflon foot so I used a little baby powder. Worked like a charm.