Saturday, September 12, 2009

yoyo directions

Kaye asked about how the yoyo quilt was made.
Here it is in a nutshell.
The circles for the yoyos are 4.5 inches.
There were 2475 yoyos put together. First in blocks of 25, then in 11 rows of 9 blocks.
I will be putting a fringe on the top after it has its backing which will use many more yoyos...will count them when I get to it!!!
I put the rows in a darker to lighter pattern so that the pillow end is very light. I have enough dark blocks left to make a pillow to put on the bed.


Pat said...

Your yo-yo quilt is fabulous. You got a wonderful gift and turned it into something unbelievably gorgeous. (Some would have let those yo-yo's lay in bags and not done anything with them.)

XUE said...

2475 yoyos!!!!...oh my goodness! I'm soooo impressed!
Happy greetings from Tokyo!