Saturday, September 26, 2009

new block

I've been busy the last week or so. I started going to the Y for aqua therapy for arthritis and it seems to be making me a little more limber. I'm amazed that even my hands seem to be doing better!

As for my quilting I've been working on a new block took a bit of figuring but it came out the way I hoped. I have a throw top done. I'll probably hand quilt it so it will go in the pile for later but I am pleased with the way it turned out. I'd like to try it in some different colors next time now that I have the bugs worked out. I also have another block pattern floating around in my head...I love the math of block designs.....must be the math teacher in me surfacing again!

I don't enter many giveaways but I thought I would mention one that I did. GENE is celebrating his 250th blog entry...that is quite an I figured I'd pass it on. His blog is always interesting to read.


Linda B said...

Did you recognize the fabric on one of the tea towels I made? Shown on my blog.
Nice block. Am I correct that you designed it yourself?

quiltingnana said...

I got the inspiration from a book about math and quilts....I had to figure out the dimensions and cutting sizes as the book didn't give the directions

Pat said...

Nice block....the math teacher in you comes in handy at such times, I see!