Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas coming and a new blogger

The cottage quilt is off to the quilters. This time one of my guild members, Jackie, is going to quilt for me. She does all her quilting freehand rather than computerized so we talked about how she might quilt to emphasize the cottages. I can't wait to see it! She hopes to have it done by December 1.

Last night we had snow...I should admit that it was just flurries. The flakes melted once they hit the windshield but it was snow here at the beach. Today, the sun is shining but it is still a little chilly. The shoppers are out in force though! And we are off to look around. Most of my shopping is done but I still like to look.

One of my friends, Pat, who often comments on my blog just started her own. It is pretty good. Check it out at


Pat said...

Awww....thanks for the positive comment about my blog. You asked there if you could list in among your list of blog favorites. SURE...that would be fun and would draw some readers to my blog, I think. :)

belinda said...

hey you......thank you so much for your comments about my hand quilting......i guess it was all those years of cross-stitching that helped me..i'm programmed for "tiny" stitches!

Anonymous said...

Well done for being so organised. I'm still at the making stage but at least I have a list now of the things that need to get made asap. :-)