Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy time since last blog

Over the weekend, I spent some time at my son's and played with my grandson while mom and dad had a few days of respite. It was a great time but keeping up with a toddler is quite a challenge. I did get my cottages done for the swap and I will try to get them in the mail this week. I have also been playing with some fabric from our guild Fat Quarter Challenge. The fabric is from Australia. I have it out and have been spending time just looking and trying to decide what to do with it. We have no guidelines except that we need to use it in a project by the first week of February.

Nannette at Freda's Hive has been encouraging her readers to share pictures of their stashes. Mine is in a walk-in closet that my husband outfitted with storage units. It's hard to get good pictures but here are a few.

As you walk in, you can see a cabinet and drawers with open shelves. We cut down an old cutting mat for the top of the shelves so that I can do quick measuring using the lines on the mat. The bins contain fat quarters, scraps, small tools, yarn, tape, and other "cool stuff." The pegboard is great for storing those cumbersome hoops and rulers. The drawers below the cabinet are used for storing trims, patterns, templates and template plastics and such. The cabinet has plastic boxes of thread and some other crafting supplies.
To the left are my fabric shelves. You can't see to the far left beyond the shelves for fabric where I have a place to store my iron and ironing board and a lower shelving unit to store sprays and such. You can't see the very top, but there is storage for plastic tubs, pillow forms, and other bulky items. I am amazed how empty the shelves actually look in the picture. BUT I have been working very hard this summer to use up fabric in my stash. I am trying to figure out another way to store fabric. I tried doing it by color but that really didn't suit me. I would like to find or make some "mini bolts" that the fabric could be stored on since all of the fabric on the shelves is at least a yard in length - most of it is more. .

To the right are other open shelves which I use for more fabric (which you can't see at the top) and crafting supplies (beads, glue, jewelry findings, etc.) Between that unit and the wall is a space to hang quilt tops on hangers while they are waiting to be quilted.
All in all, my storage is pretty efficient and it is great to keep all my crafting supplies in one place. ALMOST. I keep my vintage fabric in the storage space under my cutting table and there are always piles of fabric on the table and the sewing table....and ....


belinda said...

well you go girl....looks like you have been plenty busy and doesn't look like you plan on slowing down! your fabric storage looks pretty nice to me....hubby did an execellant job!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh wow! What a great closet. And a great idea. Your cottages look amazing. How fun! You've got a great set-up there. The white cabinets are so clean looking and it is all tidy and a great creative space.

Fiesta said...

I like your cottages and I simply love your closet space.