Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still practicing with seams

I did some more cutting into that WHAT WAS I THINKING fabric because I wanted to try some blocks with matching triangle centers. Here are some of my samples. I was playing around with designs but I found that the fabric was trickier than I thought. The repeat was very confusing. The birds might look alike at first but upon closer inspection, there were slight differences so the design I had in mind didn't quite work. The smaller star was made with the technique of folding the triangle in half and sewing a seam across the top, turning the fabric right side out and pressing. I figured I'd use it for an applique. I was pleased with the way the seams came out on the back of the turquoise patch.


belinda said...

Practice makes perfect....right? I sure like these colors!!!

ROZ said...

Love the colors. I'm making a quilt with the same idea--what was I thinking?

Fiesta said...

They look very nice and I simply love the colors.