Tuesday, August 19, 2008

finished a thought

I did finish a project with that WHAT WAS I THINKING fabric... I made a table topper for the bistro table in our kitchen. Since it is summer and a fun time, I figured the pattern was appropriate. It was a quickie project and I did some fast handquilting as a test. I did learn a few things about pressing seams open...I like it.

1. It eliminated the worry about am I pressing in the right direction. The rule about pressing to the dark doesn't always work and sometimes you have to press a different direction and don't realize it until you start putting the blocks together.

2. The corners are not so bulky and the top seems to lay flatter. No big bumps

3. The seams are actually easier to match. ..Much like dressmaking
4. Hand quilting was a lot easier, especially when the quilting got near seams.

I have already cut some more of the fabric to try the open seams on some different block designs.


Purple and Paisley said...

i started pressing my seams open on my tessellations quilt and it makes lining up the triangles so much easier and the points look so much better...i know the rule is to press one way towards the dark, but i'm with you...it doesn't always work out that way...sometimes you gotta break the rules...=)...your table topper turned out great!

Susan said...

I've always been told that there are no quilt police, so I think you're safe! I have always pressed to one side and to the dark, but I may have to think about pressing open on a project to see how it goes.

JoAnne said...

I prefer pressing seams open most of the time also. I make a lot of charity quilts and usually press them to the dark but on miniature work, which is my favorite, I like the open seam better. Loved your table topper!