Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stashbuster update

I have my second stashbuster ready to quilt. It is approximaterly 30x40 inches. I am going to hand quilt it. It will hang on the wall in the "kids room" - the bedroom I have for the grandchildren when they visit.

I also had a chance to hang the first UFO I did for my guild contract. All of the materials are from my stash...buttons, trim, etc. It is a far cry from the lonely orphan block I pulled from the pile.

Now just 4 more UFOs to do before January. I committed to another orphan block and two vintage orphan blocks in addition to finishing the quilt that I started 30 years ago! It was my first attempt at quilting and I am going to call it "Groan" - a play on words...it will show how much my skills have grown and how I groan over it!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Look at you! Finishing project #2. How great is that.

Pat (Riker) said...

I was going to guess sailboat, but I thought that seemed too obvious from the photo AND from your clue of living at the beach! GREAT play on words for your old quilt and how you have GROWN and how you probably GROAN when you look at that one!!! :)

eileen said...

Oh that little boat quilt is adorable. You are QUICK! Good job.

Anonymous said...

Ooo it's boats! how wonderful I'm sure they'll love it.

I however being a purple fiend love your purple pansy quilt. Gorgeous fabric. Is that a churn dash? I'm going to tackle a couple of those in a sec (got cut out ready) for the 1st time.

Suzie said...

The sail boat quilt for your grandchildren is a lovely one!
It is nice that you got your old quilt finished and that you have "groan"with it!!!That is something I love about quilting, one never stops learning!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words!

belinda said...

Way to go!!! I too am trying to bust up some of my stash. I like your wall hanging. I am tryng to finish up a Chunky Churndash quilt, I'm working on the sashing right now. Drop by and take a look. Oh, I'm also impressed...anyone having the word "science" attached to, with and around their name...yeah, I'm major impressed. Congrads on the book!!!