Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Attic Treasure

This is a picture of a block that I found in the attic of my aunt's home when we prepared to sell the house a couple of years ago. I believe that the block was probably made by my grandmother or an aunt who died in the mid 70s. I am guessing that the block was done sometime in the late thirties to 50s based upon what I know of the family and the fabric. The block was hand pieced and appliqued. I am going to put a border of fabric that was found with the treasure stash and hand quilt it for a wall hanging. This is just one piece of many that I found. I hope to complete other projects from the stash. I am also using this as one of the items I am doing for my guild UFO contract. I said I would do "vintage" pieces this year.


Pat (Riker) said...

This is so pretty. You are very lucky to have something vintage from family.......everything I recall seeing at my grandparents' house when growing up was never saved by my mom (their only child). She didn't appreciate any of it and disposed of it when I was too young to step in and "rescue" some of it. How I wish things were different as I'd love to have something that is truly vintage. I'm sure it will see a loving completion by you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That will be stunning. The block is so lovely. What a little piece of family history.

eileen said...

The fabrics in that block look so pristine! it was really kept very well.. and you will do a beautiful job finishing it into a wall-hanging. Can't wait to see some of the other "treasures".