Monday, June 16, 2008

What a week!

The last week has been hectic. I picked up a special quilt from the longarm quilter on Tuesday and then had to hurry and do the binding because it was a gift for a dear friend that we were going to see in PA over the weekend. The quilt block is based upon the Children's Delight pattern found in the Quiltmaker's Gift book. The fabric has butterflies to symbolize change and the colors are blue and yellow (gold) for Lycoming College where we both worked together. The woman who did the quilting did a beautiful job and worked with me to choose just the right quilting design. The design has butterflies and flowers and is done with metallic thread to match the butterfly fabric.

It was a very emotional time because my friend, Rachael, just had extensive back surgery and is finally able to get around a little. She is getting ready to move from her lovely big house into an apartment that is on just one floor. If you look carefully at the bottom picture, you can see the tail of her 15-year old cat, Woofy, who was very curious about the quilt. I don't miss working and I don't regret moving to DE, but I do miss my friend.


Anonymous said...

The quilt turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I can see why she loved it. I wish I could make out the quilting, but even when I look at the enlarged photo, I can't really see it. BUT...knowing Marie's work, I'm sure it was outstanding. See you one day this week to get your stuff for the garden quilting day.


Rachael said...

It is so pretty!! I love the butterflies and flowers on it!! Go Lyco!!

I'm sure she loves it and will think of you every time she cuddles up with it!

Trish said...


I know it is going to have a special place in her new apartment!

eileen said...

Hi! Your blog is very nice. Thanks for joining in on the Summer Stash Challenge. I would like to add you to the sidebar, what name would you like me to use? Let me know and I'll add your name and link today! Looking forward to seeing what you make.