Tuesday, June 3, 2008


What a busy week I have had. Our 2 1/2 year old grandson was with us from Friday night until Sunday. We enjoy having him here so much. My family is such an inspiration for everything I do! Here are some pictures....note how he is helping Pop-pop!

Monday, I went to my quilting guild. This was the annual "Treasures" auction. Members donate quilting/sewing/fabric related items for the rest of us to bid on. I got some real bargains...some templates for diagonal set triangles and square in square blocks and some great fabric. The fabric was just what I was looking for. I had been searching some catalogs for fabric to make a quilt for our bedroom and the colors at the auction were just right! Of course, that quilt is one of many on my to-do list!! Then we finished the auction off with a great luncheon...what a wonderful day to spend with friends.

Today, I spent time with my writing group...a sub-group of the guild. It is so inspiring to see the work of others in progress (some are writing novels and short stories) and to get feedback on my creative efforts. I think one thing I have learned from working with this group is that we all struggle with our writing and no matter where you are in your writing development, there are others who have "been there, done that, agonized over that" and have survived!
Now to put that inspiration to work....what should I do first?


Rachael said...

Sounds like some good times!! It's great to be involved with people with the same interests!

Trish said...

Cute picture of Ty!