Monday, May 26, 2008

Vintage stuff

I've been spending the morning going through some boxes of "stuff" that came from a family home that we cleared out a couple of years ago. I should have done this much sooner but with moving and all over the last year, I just didn't take the time. Since I am the oldest in the family now, I seem to be the one who got a good bit of the old family photos, albums, and other miscellaneous little things. The boxes had some old costume jewelry that belonged to my aunts and grandmother. I didn't know what to do with all the jewelry so I decided to put some in shadow box frames to hang in my bedroom. Here is a picture of a collection of brooches. I went through my own jewelry and found that I had quite a bit since I can't seem to throw anything out. I had a few things that were my mother's, too. I arranged some animal pins and some cameo pins but my camera battery went dead so I couldn't take pictures of those...will have to post them later.


Pat (Riker) said...

VERY nice. My maternal grandparents had some wonderful things passed down to them from generations earlier, mom and sister made sure none of it was saved when they closed up their house many moons ago (when Gary and I were in SC when he was in the Air Force). I'd love to have some of the things, but it just wasn't meant to be. *sigh* I'm glad you are doing something with them so you can see them and enjoy them on a regular basis. See you at the guild luncheon/auction on Monday (and we need to reset a date to get together, too).

dee said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your Lone star is lovely. My late MIL Dot had a million brooches. I have them here-now I just need to remember the way, I have an identical walk-in closet which I refer to as The Closet of Shame.