Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lone Star

I finished the Lone Star wallhanging top that I started at the workshop. I didn't quilt it but learned a couple of things doing it.

1. I do not like working with fusible webbing.

2. I do not like the shortcuts. (This is probably because I am used to hand piecing and now machine piecing and feel more comfortable with traditional patterns and methods.)

The class was fun and the teacher was great, but I just didn't like the project. I probably won't use the wallhanging. I didn't like how the points came together. They seemed bulky. First, I tried with the fusible webbing but found that it stretched and got the sole plate of my machine gunky. Then I copied the pattern onto paper, that worked some better because the folds were crisp and stable. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret taking the class. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I am so particular about points coming together right. It drives me crazy when they don't. I will probably try another Lonestar using the traditional method sometime but I have other projects on my plate.
I am going stay with my grandkids while their parents go set of parents this weekend then go directly to the other set of parents for the next weekend. I am really looking forward to having time with the grandkids. I won't have time to quilt for a couple of weeks but when I get back I want to start the Wizard of Oz quilt. I am designing my own pattern for the quilt top so I can use some of my away time to draw it out. I also want to work on my Log Cabin quilt. Most of the dark strips are cut just waiting to be sewn.
I spent today sorting out a tub of old buttons that came from my grandmother and my aunt who passed away about a year ago. Some of the buttons are beautiful and unique. It was fun sorting them and thinking about how I could use them to embellish wall hangings....more projects in my head than I have time to do!
Must run now and pack!

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