Wednesday, June 22, 2011

two fer

In my last post, I showed fabric that I bought in Lancaster, PA.  That fabric was bought for a purpose. I have been trying to find twin quilts to use in our FL villa....but I wasn't having much luck. Before we went to Lancaster, I found a quilt in a local furniture store...but wasn't going to pay $140 apiece for them. Then we went to an outlet store where I found one that was almost identical for $135. But when we looked closely we saw that they were cheaply made (and not in the USA).  My husband said, "You could make quilts like that" his confidence in me. So we stood at the store and slyly figured out the measurements of the blocks and the fabric styles....7 coordinating fabrics, simple blocks and sashing. So I came home and did some figuring before we went on our trip. We needed a stripe, 3 plain colors, and prints. (The ones in the stores had swirly type prints.) We chose dots. I already had the white from a previous Lancaster trip.

When I got home, it only took me a couple of hours to cut fabric for two quilts on my GO. I used the 5" square and the 3 1/2 inch strip cutter. I haven't spent that much time sewing. Monday I had my quilt bee and spent most of the day with my quilting friends.

Yesterday we went to Serendipity Quilt Shop to buy backing and binding fabrics and batting (I wanted white and of course I have a closet full of Warm and Natural.) I was able to find some yellow fabric that I will combine with fabric I have in my stash to make a pieced backing.  Kathy is getting ready to move her shop to her new place so her stock was low and she didn't have the batting.  I went on line to Joanne Fabric and what I wanted was on sale and out of stock (Boo hoo and I even had a free shipping coupon!) I'll have to look elsewhere for the batting.

Anyway, even adding in the cost of the batting, I will have made two twin quilts for less that the cost of one cheaply made one. I have tried four times to upload a picture but blogger is giving me trouble or maybe it is my I will just  post and try again later..


Needled Mom said...

Oh grrrr on Blogger. I have started doing all of my posts on LiveWriter where I can upload my photos.

The quilts sound wonderful and I can't wait to see them.

Nancy said...

Always a good feeling when we can make it, and for less! Was it super hot in Lancaster? I know that area can get pretty humid and hot in the summer. Bet your GO made quick work of that cutting for two quilts.