Monday, February 28, 2011

Toys Story

 This past weekend, my grandson came to visit (and of course I got no quilting done). He loves to play with his toys.

 And I like to play with my new toys, too. I came into the new world of smart phones with this new Droid. Even the salesperson remarked that I was really making a jump from the basic phone that I have had for years. My old ones didn't even take photos or do texting. I surprised myself by learning how to send and save photos. The picture of my grandson was taken by my Droid and sent to my email so that I could upload and save it to my computer and then upload it to my blog.....The camera does take great pictures but my grandson moved just as I snapped this one. I like being able to check my email and facebook with a quick little swipe. I am able to see my blog but haven't learned how to post or comment on blogs yet so I came back to my trusty computer to do this post.
But I love my quilting tools, too. Here is one that I have had for ages and find so useful for  pressing little things as I sew. I don't have to jump up and heft the heavy iron ( or have it sitting hot) to press a little seam. This week I did get a few things accomplished that I am not really at liberty to post about yet.

Do you have a special little tool that you find useful?


Barb said...

Love your toys....and isn't it fun...all the quilting toys out them all.

Winona said...

Glad you had fun with your grandson and your new toy. LOL I have never sent a text in my life. Doubt if our phone will even do it. It also does not take pictures. Hmm, maybe we need to update. Nah, probably not. I love my computer, but don't really care for cell phones. I have a little mini iron like that. I have only used it a couple of times. Maybe I should get it out to use for pressing seams. Have a great day.

Connie said...

There is al ot of quilting toys out there but i don't have a favorite ,like them all!!! it is fun to have the grandkids, i have some everyday, my house hold is a busy home. Happy sewing!

Pat said... you even have to ASK what my favorite quilting toy/tool is?? I don't count my sewing machine, as that's a "given" but my GO! cutter is my favorite. Congrats on your new phone. I am stuck on my old-fashioned one, as you know!!! LOL