Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not counting my chickens

I'm not missing the snow in DE but I do miss regularly having internet access so  my postings and reading other blogs have been sporatic. I did have a chance to visit a Joanne's here in FL and I found exactly what I was looking for. We also had our offer accepted on a villa we were looking to buy. Now we have to wait for all the inspections, etc. I am not counting my chickens as we were at this stage before on another place and then we had to back out of the deal because of some issues that popped I will be holding my breath for a little while longer.

Until later.....happy quilting


Vivian said...

I also get aggravated when I do not have internet service. For the past two weeks, our cell phone service has been very sporatic and we do not have a land line. Well, I hope there is not an emergency because I cannot call 911.

Micki said...

Hope your internet problems straighten out. It can be so frustrating.