Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 On Sunday, we had our family Christmas gathering. We had it early as my sons have jobs that often have them working on holidays...one is a medi-vac nurse (and people do get sick on holidays) and the other is an environmental officer (and toxic things often get spilled). This picture was taken after we had a delicious meal and opened our presents and were ready to go our separate ways.
A while ago, I blogged about winning an Oliso iron from Accuquilt. Here it is....It is fun to use. It lifts up when you are finished all by itself so that you don't burn or scorch anything. Another thing I like about it is that the cord is very long.

Some other good news...my machine is ready to get picked up. Evidently it wasn't anything serious. After they took it apart and cleaned it, it worked fine. It seems that something was clogging it up and making a thumping sound. I really missed my machine. I wandered around the house. I am so used to going in to sew whenever I have a few minutes.
Our train tickets came for our trip to Florida in January! We went by train last year and had a great experience. While we are there, we are going to continue our search for a vacation home.


Tonya said...

what a nice looking family....I would like that iron as well, and I don't iron clothes either

Nancy said...

Glad you enjoyed your family Christmas early. That iron is intriguing. Welcome home to the sewing machine... soon anyhow.

Grethe said...

Nice with an early family Christmas:-) We do so in between.Then it will be a double celebration for some.
And wise with some cleaning ... for my sewing machine I mean!

Kim D. said...

Your Christmas family photo is really nice. Lucky you to win the iron. I had one of those Oliso irons and loved it. After I owned it a year the heating element went out and it wasn't covered under warranty any longer. Unfortunately I haven't had real good luck with irons.

Micki said...

Looks like a wonderful iron, and so glad that you are getting your machine back.