Friday, July 16, 2010

Thanks bunches...and back to work

I'd like to thank all those who visited my blog to wish me happy was great to find some new blogger friends!

I had a wonderful birthday. Hubby took me to the casino at Harrington DE...we had a nice dinner then he gave me $40 to play the slots.  I came home with $41.26 after several hours of I guess I'll just have more money for fabric!!

Pat is such a good friend to send people to my should check out her blog. She is giving away a GO CUTTER!!!

Pat and I had a work session this morning. We have such fun working on our projects together. Right now we are doing some special projects that incorporate applique. I like to do the hand work and Pat is so efficient with her Go Cutter. She can do the borders and sashing so quickly. She helps by designing with her EQ7. Pat also does a lot of the hand quilting on our small projects. We try to get together every week or so but we email and talk all the time...Someday, when we are ready, we will have to show you some of our projects but they are not quite ready for prime time yet!


Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

I am very jealous of your quilting buddy! I only have my 2 kids...and they're not as much fun...;
I'm looking forward to seeing your projects :)

Micki said...

Pat is a great sewing partner for sure. SOunds like the two of you had fun!

Winona said...

I always enjoy Pat's blog. Glad you two had fun together. Winona

Kaye said...

You 2 are sooo creative together. Mus t be the Teacher in you both. Isn't that GO awesome? I really think Pat is the best spokesperson for the GO as she really uses it to the fullest. Someday, sigh!!!

SheilaC said...

Sounds like you and Pat have had some great times :)
Can't wait to see your projects


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I wish I had a quilting buddy. SO your the one she's been "secretly" working with on a top secret project. I hope you two go far with this. I really do. love the pictures of you and her

Quilting Lab said...

Nothing like some intrigue Kathy...can't wait for the finished projects! GO is such fun and exciting to use, huh!? Look forward to seeing you, but we all seem so busy!

Julia said...

I always enjoy Pat's blog. Glad you two had fun together.