Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blue about the red and white...

Here at the beach, we stay away from the beach on the fourth....tourists tie up traffic and if we want to go anywhere, we go by public transportation.  The roads are already backed staying at home gives me a chance to quilt!

This past week we had company for a couple of days but I still managed to get a little work done on some projects - that is advantage of hand applique.

Anyway, I hand washed a block to take out my markings and when it dried I noticed that the red color had bled some onto the white background...I was sick about it since I had already washed and dried the red fabric... with some careful work with a Qtip and some weak bleach solution, I was able to get it out...
My quilting buddy Pat suggested that the next time I use a product in the washer call Color Catch...when this project is done, I will wash the whole thing in that to hopefully avert another catastrophe.

Have a happy fourth!

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Pat said...

Here is the link to read about the Color Catcher sheets online....they are WONDERFUL!!!