Thursday, June 10, 2010

A kick in the butt from my quilting partner!

Pat and I were together today and she reminded me that I really do need to  post news on my blog...I know it has been ages... I thought of other blogs..but just didn't to it...shame on me.

The last month has been eventful....instead of being stage manager for Moonlight and Magnolias, the play at our community theater that I mentioned in April, I actually am doing a role. The woman who was supposed to be in the play had a family emergency had to drop out last week and I am taking the role....with two weeks to learn the lines....It's not a big role but still requires a lot of work.

I have been doing some quilting between times.  Pat and I have been doing some collaboration on projects.  She hinted about them a while ago on her blog. It has been so much fun quilting with a partner...bouncing ideas...choosing the way to go on a design. I can't wait to show some of the products but we are not quite ready yet. Here is a picture of me working on one of the projects...not showing much I know but that is part of the surprise.

Pat and I showed our technique to a group of quilters not long ago.....They look so serious in this picture but we really did have fun that day.
It doesn't hurt to have a good friend like Pat, So today I am turning over a new leaf...I am going to try to blog more often...


Pat said...

And Pat is very proud of you tonight (as she stays up late tearing her hair out with a few frustrating things she is trying to learn on EQ7)!!! LOL

Annette said...

Now I am very curious. It looks pretty nice, whatever it is.