Friday, June 18, 2010

did ya ever?

did ya ever do this?

I started this sunshiny morning by binding a piece I have been working was going so well, the corners were probably the best I had ever done. Then after I had turned the third corner and was just about to do the final turn, I noticed that I was using the wrong binding...that is what I get for working on so many projects at once. This one and another that is about in the same stage both were using green and wouldn't you know it, I picked up the wrong binding. Out came the seam ripper and I had to start all over. The new binding and corners went well but not as nice as the first ones....but I finished it. Now it is being washed so the quilt markings will come out and I will have another of my UFOs out of the basket (see a previous post!)

Opening night tonight of the play....hope it goes better


Kaye said...

Oh Cathy break a leg!!!! Hope all went well at the play and that you had a great time.

Pat said...

Can't wait to hear how the play went tonight. Sorry about that binding problem. *sigh*