Thursday, August 27, 2009

learning progress

Granddaughter and I finished the top of her quilt. She made 6 of the blocks and I made the others as part of the teaching process. You would be hard pressed to figure out which she made. Some of her corner matching are better than mine. I actually sewed the sashing after she helped me cut because it was time for her to go home. I'll quilt it and mail it to her. However, I have taken a couple of days off ....resting up from my time with two kids in the house!


Kaye said...

Cathy, she sure is one talented young lady, a great job. Of course she had a great teacher! I remember reading when she picked out her material, colors are lovely. What a treasure she has for herself

Pat said...

Macy did a terrific job!!!! I think she will be hooked on quilting now, don't you?

Rachael said...

I just showed her the picture! She's very proud!
Even her flip flops are color coordinated with this!

Anonymous said...

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