Wednesday, July 15, 2009

off to another show

Busy week ...aren't they always?
Guild meeting on Monday, work yesterday and today, then off on a long weekend excursion tomorrow. We are going to Williamsport PA where I used to work and still have some wonderful friends. We're staying with a special friend and her hubby. Friday we're having lunch with some of my writing group friends. I wrote once a week for a couple of years with these ladies and some of them came to see me and attend a writing conference here in DE. Then on Saturday we are going to a quilt show in Muncy, PA while hubbies attend a car show. Unfortunately it will be back to the real world on Sunday but I can look forward to attending my quilting bee on Monday! Must get packin'!


Kaye said...

busy, busy, busy. Good for you. I Love the quilt shows, wish we could go more often!! Have a great time,

Pat said...

Have a great time.......well-deserved break for you at this time, I'd say!

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time!