Saturday, February 28, 2009

greatest show....well

Thursday I went to the Mid-Altantic Quilt Show in Hampton VA with members of my guild. You can check out fellow bloggers' sites A Little of This and a Littleof Pat and Averett Lady Nana to get some more information and opinions.

It was fun but like Pat I was a little disappointed with the quilts this time. It seemed that there were so many little quilts and wall hanging and not so many large bed-sized quilts. This was a nice hand quilted wall hanging that I saw.

There weren't as many traditional quilts as I had hoped since I favor traditional...but that is just my taste. I was particularly interested in the handquilted ones...not too many of course...but a couple that I saw were very well done with such fine, even stitches. One thing I noticed was that there were many quilts done with black at the show. The second picture in this section shows just a portion of a quilt that won a blue ribbon for best use of embellishments...note that it is done on black.

I did get inspired to put together the bags of yo-yos that I was given by a friend...curiously, the ones I have are purples too!!!

It was a wonderful day, though, with my friends...I'll post some more show pictures in a later blog but for today I am going to work on my own quilting!


AverettLadyNana said...

I agree too many small quilts! My camera died on me so I didn't take many pictures but also didn't see as many I wanted to take pictures of. But I had fun shopping! Got some decent buys I thought. And for the first time in three years my daugher felt good...three years ago she had a 2 week old and emergency c-section, two years ago she was scheduled for c-section next day and was having contractions while there, last year she had just found out she was pregnant again (on pill) and was having morning sickness. We walked in and she said first time I"ve been when I wasn't pregnant or just had c-section!

Needled Mom said...

That yo-yo quilt is spectacular. I should dig out my box of yo-yos and do something with them too. Another project!!!!!!

Glad that you had a good time despite being disappointed with the quilts. It is a shame that there are not more hand quilted ones these days. I know that machine is much faster, but there is something special about a hand quilted one.

Pat said...

If the trend continues the way it's going, traditional quilts and hand-quilting will become lost arts. *sigh* On another note, I can assure you, Quilting Nana has THOUSANDS of yo-yo's....she could probably make 2 king-sized quilts with them. LOL

Anonymous said...