Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thirty years in the making

I finally finished it! A quilt that I started about 30 years ago. I don't know the exact date, but I do know that it was started sometime in late 1978 or early 1979. I started it shortly after I quit working after my second son was born and I decided to become a full time mom. I had no teacher, no classes, no Internet, only an article in a magazine and inspiration from my grandmothers' quilts I had around the house.

So much has happened since then so the quilt brings history with it.

I have raised two sons, seen them through college, and celebrated their marriages
I have three wonderful grandchildren
We built a house - did the plumbing, electric, sheetrock, hanging cabinets, etc. on our own
I dabbled in many crafts then decided that quilting was really for me
I earned a master's then a doctorate
I was a teacher and school administrator
I was a college profesor
I wrote and published two books
I bought lots of quilting books and took a couple of classes
I made 10+ twin, full, or queen sized quilts
I made lots of wall hangings, baby quilts, and table toppers
We bought, fixed up, and sold a second house while keeping the first
We retired and moved to Delaware
I gained lots of quilting friends
I often wonder why I never finished it...all it needed was a few quilting stitches and the binding...maybe some psychological reason???
It was hand pieced and hand quilted. There are lots of mistakes.
I have learned so much about quilting since I started this quilt!



belinda said...

....clapping.....yeah....what a way to end the year....a completed project well done!!!


Pat said...

What a beautiful quilt and what a lovely post today, too! You have accomplished much, and I am proud to call you my friend!

Sandy said...

Beautiful quilt! You've lead quite an accomplished life! This is just one more goal achieved with honors.
Way to go!

Eileen said...

I think maybe it was just waiting for you to be a bloger before it got finished.. so you could tell us al about it!

Happy New Year.. I've really enjoyed blogging with you this past year.

Anonymous said...

Well done for getting it finished. It is an achievement to finish early work and a psychological barrier to go back and do it.

I was looking at last year's idea books and saw just how basic they were. I have learned so much from other bloggers and going to classes but have still so much to learn.

I think it's good that you have somethign to show you just how far you have progressed in that time. Perhaps if you had finished it, it would've been used and worn out by now and you wouldn't have that satisfaction?