Sunday, August 31, 2008

new project and helpful hint

Well, I decided on my new - or shoud I say old - project. I figured I'd better work on my UFO contract because January will be here before I know it. I took an orphan block that I made about five years ago and decided to make a table topper with it. Since I didn't have scraps that matched two of the fabrics, I decided to try some applique because that is a technique where I am trying to improve my skills. I'll post before and after pictures of that later.

I do want to share a tip that I learned from my good friend and quilting buddy, Pat. I was complaining that my bobbin thread was always dangling and tangling. She suggested using little elastic pony tail holders. They work great....thanks PAT!!! I bought a package of 42 of them for $1.59 at Wal-mart....much cheaper than the fancy things I found in a catalogue.
That is one of the things that I enjoy about sharing quilting with my friends. We learn from each other and get so many ideas. Friends share in your joys and frustrations and seem to make things right!


Pat (Riker) said...

I'm glad you like the ponytail elastics for keeping your bobbin threads in order. I also use them for spools of thread for the same reason.....the thread can only unravel a tiny bit then. When the little elastics finally get stretched out, I toss them and get more. They surely are cheap enough that I don't mind doing that!

Linda said...

Great hint, thank you for passing it along! Going tomorrow to Wally world! lol

belinda said...

Hey Quilting Nana.....good idea!

Susan said...

Great tip! Thanks for passing it along to the rest of us!